About our business

“Creating value through imagination”
Event design
We can assist you in several ways with your projects, ranging from methods to spread information, to printing materials.
Copying, printing

  • Digital copying
  • Color copying
  • Printing of various materials (pamphlets, forms)

Design services

  • Posters
  • Pamphlets
  • Business cards
  • Tissue packs
  • Billboards

All photographs used on this website were taken by Cosmo Create.
Future initiatives
We want to create a place in our town of Higashidori where people can go to and relax.
A place where you can go to chat and meet new people.
Cosmo Create would like to create a program of “tourism which brings people together”.

Running a cafe
At the cafe we would like to serve Japanese style sweets such as beko-mochi, a specialty of Higashidori.
The camp garage where the cafe will be located was completed last summer.
It will be possible to barbecue inside the camp garage, and to try some grade A5 Higashidori beef.

It is our aim to set up a program which lets people experience the wealth of nature that the village of Higashidori has to offer, as well as the Geopark.

  • Farming experience
  • Fishing experience
  • Kayaking tour
  • Shimokita Geopark