The Origin and Meaning of Cosmo Create and its Management Philosophy

Perhaps many people envision space when they hear the word Cosmo. Cosmo Create means “creation of the earth.” The name Cosmo Create was chosen out of a desire to consider things on the large scale of the earth.
Management Philosophy
 ー Cosmo Always Stays Familiar Changing Without Changing 
Cosmo is filled with wishes to abound with smiles and always be familiar to all. Also, we believe that it is important to change based on the needs of the times and the people while continuing to protect fundamental thoughts. For this reason, it is filled with wishes to take in various thoughts and continually take on new challenges while continuing to be a warm, fun place where villagers can gather.
Thoughts Held Dear by Cosmo Create
Cosmo Create is “Higashidori village’s anything shop.” We mainly focus our efforts on event design and village revitalization.
As we have been supported by many people, we cherish connections and encounters. For this reason, we are a company that can be dependable to anybody and serves the role of connecting people through event design.
And more than anything, we love Higashidori village where we were born and raised! For this reason, we partake in village revitalization.
— Work Is Play 
We believe that work is to have fun.
・New encounters
・Making others happy
・Revitalizing the village
These are our joys.